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Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent lamp-ceiling/stainless steel chain hanging dual-purpose design

Industrial style classic shape, marine style products, suitable for use in various places.
Easy to install, easy to replace T8 LED tube, wide-angle 140-degree lighting.
Made in Taiwan, CE certified, IP56 waterproof, German Bayer acrylic, exported to Europe, America and Japan.

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Wall Light

wall lamp

Mainly divided into three series: round/elliptical/right angle/
With complete varieties and exquisite quality, they are indispensable products for improving the texture of space.

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Pendant Light


Mainly divided into industrial style, classic glass and Multi small lampshade series.
With various styles and exquisite quality, it is a good place to find lighting that matches your interior style.

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Switch Pannel

Japanese style/Risna.Glatima/American style/lever

Five panel series_Metal /Morandi/Ocean Sustainable/Wooden/SLIM Series <br/>With international brand parts, toggle switches, and American Copper switch sockets.
Let the boring switch panel become the highlight of the decorative space.

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Explosion Proof Light

Explosion-proof old parts

Give your venue a personal touch with an explosion-proof light.
We have 2feet/4feets fluorescent lamps, wall lamps, glass chandeliers.
From Germany (EOW, Witternburg, Wiska), Russia, Japan, Poland.

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  • Louisa Coffee_Pier Zhan Erku

    Products used: |Gooseneck wall lamp #2|4-foot single-tube explosion-proof lamp #yellow|German EOW large bubble spherical chandelier|Brass round mesh wall lamp-02|Stainless steel round lamp|

  • Zhangmen Craft Beer_Pier Zhan Erku

    Products used:|Heavy-duty cargo hold light|Bronze cargo hold light|German factory chandelier #2|Brass version mesh chandelier|Wall-mounted copper light #02|

  • il Giardino Italian Garden Ice Cream

    Products used:|Gooseneck Wall Lamp|