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Welcome to come here to find inspiration and see the space atmosphere created by our customers' actual installation of our products.

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  • 湜湜空間設計


  • 東方禹室內設計

    使用產品 | 髮絲紋面板 |


    Use of the product

    | ROME chandelier | Hairline switch panel |

  • Wuchun design

    Use of the product

    | Classical glass chandelier-cream round | Hairline switch panel | Brass round mesh wall lamp |

  • Ruitian Space Manufacturing Research Institute

    Use of the product

    | Incognito version |

    Through the invisible traceless switch panel, it is completely "invisible" on the totem's unique wallpaper without causing any interruption to the totem, making the entire wall look more beautiful and grand!

  • Shishi space design

    Use of the product

    | Obsidian black switch panel |

    The dark streamlined texture looks elegant and low-luxury. Pair it with wooden furniture to create a peaceful and peaceful home atmosphere.

  • soybean interior decoration design dado design

    Use of the product

    | Beech Switch Panel |

    The space uses light gray walls combined with warm wood and beech switch panels. The warm wood gives the interior space a simple and restrained Muji Nordic style.

  • Oliver x Zhuju joint design

    Use of the product

    | Watertight fluorescent lamp-old parts|

    Designed in Japanese industrial style, the warm wooden dining table balances the cold feel of the industrial style. Paired with an old cast iron watertight fluorescent lamp, the rough iron parts and mesh lampshade are full of historical traces and have the craftsmanship beauty of the era. Materials and handicrafts with different properties collide with each other to create a comfortable living space.

  • Wujie Design 1001 ∙ Giving Living

    Use of the product

    | Brass Multi Track Light | Classical Glass Chandelier-Emily Green | Classical Glass Wall Lamp-Diamond Cup|

    There is a bit of American retro in the home space. The spacious open kitchen and living room ceiling are connected by solid wood grilles. Multi track lights are staggered and placed in appropriate places for lighting, making the entire open space more integrated and with a sense of liveliness. .

  • 1001 ∙ Giving Living

    Use of the product

    | Industrial style fluorescent lamp | Locke wall lamp | Wall-mounted copper lamp |

    Use industrial style chandeliers and wall lamps to create a space atmosphere. Using a chandelier with a firm shape and calm color to quietly decorate the space not only echoes the American atmosphere of the overall space, but also allows the texture to highlight the unruly character. Through the effects of direct and refracted light and shadow, the rough gray cement walls and brick walls have become more varied, creating an intriguing and good taste.

  • Axound interior design

    Use of the product

    | KOKOSHA explosion-proof lamp|

    The overall design is made of neutral tones. The natural wood grain on the dining table presents an original look. An old fluorescent lamp full of historical traces is hung to enhance the calm texture of the Japanese wabi-sabi style.

  • black dog design lab

    Use of the product

    | ROME chandelier |

    Light industrial style home space with low chroma and calm style

    Hang a ROME chandelier on the dining table next to the open kitchen, becoming the main decorative lighting fixture in the space and adding the finishing touch to the space style.

  • Kaiwu Design Ahead Concept

    Use of the product

    | German EOW-Brass Deck Wall Lamp | European Brass Wall Lamp-02 | Classical Glass Chandelier |

    To create a magical space that combines modernity, retro, and machinery, we selected old EOW lamps full of nostalgic style. The retro texture of cast iron has an intriguing taste and is paired with antique European brass wall lamps. When lit, it outlines the outline of the space to create a stylish atmosphere. The unique beauty of layers.

  • Jiaxing space designJiaxing space design

    Use of the product

    | Locke Chandelier | Russian Small Round Wall Lamp |

    The overall design adopts a gray tone, and industrial-style chandeliers are used to create a space atmosphere. The combination of Locke chandeliers not only echoes the American atmosphere of the overall space. Based on simple design, furniture and lighting are used to decorate the bedroom tastefully, showing an intriguing and good taste.

  • Wu Dongdu Interior Design

    Use of the product

    | Large Translucent Light |

    Not only a second-hand selection shop, but also a coffee shop... The ocean light-transmitting lampshade is slightly translucent, and the minimalist design can match various spaces. Enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee brewed with care. Slow down and enjoy this place. A quiet and warm moment.

  • RSI+2 interior design

    Use of the product

    | Beveled Bronze Wall Sconce | Bronze Half Shade Wall Sconce | Brass Round Mesh Wall Sconce #2 |

    Brass lamps and wooden furniture create a European-style atmosphere. The open space allows you to directly feel the aroma of coffee. The elevated design makes the field of vision wider and more relaxing.

  • Chain Interior Design

    Use of the product

    | Mediterranean small wall lamp |

    A space that integrates various designs can better demonstrate the designer's skills and allow each style to be presented appropriately in the home. "Moderate" beauty that is not too eye-catching is more suitable for us to appreciate every day than extreme beauty.

  • Chain Interior Design

    Use of the product

    | Copper Cargo Light #Brass | European Brass Wall Lamp-01 | Round Mesh Wall Lamp-03 #Brass|

    Through the space doctor, the house has the opportunity to be ALIVE by first subtracting and then adding, removing all kinds of impurities and distracting thoughts, leaving the purest needs.

  • InnerDesign

    Use of the product

    | 4-foot fluorescent lamp #ocean green | Iron gray panel + aluminum box |

    It can be seen from every detail that Libai Interior Design has high requirements for products. From the ceiling plane to the tatami, they all have the key points of their selection. I am lucky to be selected as the main light of the workbench that is lit every day. I hope to continue on this road of design. We can light the way for you.

  • One or two designs

    Use of the product

    | 4 feet double tube explosion-proof light |

    Have a cup of coffee and relax. Pure white walls with an explosion-proof lamp are enough. Colorful tables and chairs with small items are simple and interesting. It is suitable for relaxing.

  • EIJ Studio

    Use of the product

    | Slim switch socket | slim accessories wooden box | slim accessories wooden box | wall-mounted copper lamp-04# bronze |

    With the designer's ingenious design, Slim switches and sockets have been smoothly integrated into the corners of modern mansions and become part of the interior scenery. Bedsides, bars, and walls no longer need to be repaired after taking pictures because of the use of ugly panels. Picture hiding is a great boon for designers and photographers.

  • jusheng engineering co., ltd.

    Use of the product

    | 4 feet KOKOSHA double tube mesh | German EOW-deck wall light | European brass wall light #4 |

    Mix and match style series, Free Style. Every lamp and accessory reflects the owner’s personal personality. Old pieces paired with modern style objects also have a unique flavor. In addition to the imported series of old pieces, the brass series can also bring out another industrial color, making every corner exciting. .

  • HAO Design Hao Room Design

    Use of the product

    | 4ft KOKOSHA Double Tube Mesh | European Brass Wall Lamp #2 |

    2020 TID Award Finalists___

    The refutation club perfectly matches life and design, blending modernity and British style to accurately present the owner's uninhibited spontaneity and enrich the visual experience, attracting everyone's attention. Good room design makes good things happen.

  • The November space design

    Use of the product

    | Brass Deck Wall Sconce | Mediterranean Small Wall Sconce |

    A new attempt at renovating an old house, the industrial style blends with the nostalgic brass. The special properties will bring out the nostalgic style little by little over time to welcome each new generation to move in, and experience all the elegance with the owner.

  • The November space design

    Use of the product

    | Euphotic Light Translucent Light | Mediterranean Small Wall Lamp | Brass Basket Hollow Half Cover Wall Lamp B01 |

    Renovation of an old house of 35 square meters ___Japanese style

    The entire design is based on wooden elements. At the core of the open space, a unique industrial-style light-transmitting chandelier is hung on the dining table, bringing a unique texture to the space. The small Mediterranean wall lamp at the entrance is not only a lighting tool, but also A piece of art that adds beauty to your living space.

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