Ordering instructions

1. DnH LOFT lamps and switches | Things to know before purchasing

  1. Normal working days are 3 days, please order in advance, thank you.
  2. The price does not include the light source, which can be purchased separately. (Except fluorescent lamps and some old lamps)
  3. Some standard parts of lamps can be inquired about the wire length in advance.
  4. Some products are produced using mold demoulding, and the product itself will have some traces of demoulding. The error within 5% is within the normal range.
  5. Some standard parts of lamps can be inquired in advance, such as wire length, power supply method, fixing method, and installation specifications, to avoid inconsistencies in on-site installation.

    2. DnH LOFT lamps and switches|Instructions for returns and exchanges

    1. The appreciation period is not a trial period. After the product has been opened and used, returns and exchanges will not be accepted unless the product itself is defective.
    2. Products to be returned or exchanged must be in brand new condition and fully packaged.
    3. No returns will be allowed if it affects secondary sales.
    4. The color of the product may vary due to different monitors and personal perception. The color of the product will be based on the actual color of the product and cannot be used as a reason for returns.
    5. After receiving the product, please immediately check whether the product is defective or damaged, and please contact the official line within 7 days to handle it for you.
    6. There is an unconditional return policy for online shopping within 7 days. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping fee. The seller can arrange to send a truck to receive the goods, but must ensure that the product packaging is complete to avoid collision damage.
    7. Please understand that there is a fee of RMB 100 per lamp for the disassembly or re-stocking of lamps for return or exchange.
    8. Please understand that the product disassembly and consumables fee for the return and exchange of switches and sockets is 30 yuan/set.
    9. Customized products cannot be returned, including special paint colors, special parts, and special combinations. If they are customized products, you will be notified.

      3. OLDANMARK Danish furniture old pieces | Pre-purchase & return and exchange instructions

      1. Old items are inevitably imperfect, so you can ask for photos of various details to be taken for confirmation before shipment . If you are sure to accept it, you can place an order. Old items are unique and rely on fate.
      2. A 50% deposit is payable on time when goods are placed, and the balance should be paid including freight before shipment .
      3. After receiving the deposit, you agree to the current condition of the product . We do not accept returns or exchanges due to factors such as misunderstanding, dislike, color does not match the decoration, style, etc. If you insist on returning the product due to force majeure, 20% of the product selling price will be charged. Processing fee .
      4. The free storage period is 60 days after the order is paid. For every additional 14 days , a storage fee of 1,000 yuan will be charged, and so on.
      5. Old items have no warranty and are traded in their current condition, but we will ensure that they are functioning properly when received.
      6. For customers who purchase old lamps, we only ensure that the Taiwanese voltage can be used normally. How to install them needs to be left to the utility or professionals.
      7. After ordering, the service charges of the logistics company that the company cooperates with will be charged. If you need to carry it upstairs (manpower, elevator), additional fees will be charged .
      8. If you have any questions, please contact the official line (@dnhloft).