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Electric fire industrial style|Introduction

Electric fire comes from the Taiwanese word for glowing lamps, which has a retro connotation.

With 38 years of experience in manufacturing ship lights, we provide Taiwan-made LOFT lamps, European and American explosion-proof old parts,

Brass wall lamps, industrial style switches and sockets, products are widely used in home decoration, design, and commercial layout.

Excellent quality, used by many designers and personality stores.

Electric fire lamps are manufactured in Taiwan, and their quality is guaranteed.

Brand origin

Electric fires came from fishermen in Anping, Tainan. The ancestors used long hand-cranked poles to support transportation in and out of the sea. In the early years, due to insufficient lighting equipment,

Accidents at sea often happen. Therefore, in 1980, a marine lighting company was founded to provide marine safety lighting equipment.

It also provides many fishermen with reassuring light. Continuing the family's genes, the electric fire industry was born in 2016.

The boat lights are engraved in their genes with durable materials, marine styling, and outdoor waterproof features.

At the same time, it conveys a piece of peace of mind and assurance passed down by Taiwan’s ancestors.

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Brand vision

The Electric Fire Industry hopes to be based in Taiwan, a country founded on the ocean, and integrate the spirit of the ocean into the development of lamps and even furniture and furnishings, and at the same time promote it to the world, so that the world can understand the history and origin of Taiwan and the ocean through its products. In addition to design, the electric fire industry also produces and assembles products in Taiwan. Combining different processes, Taiwan's craftsmanship shines through the lamps and lanterns to create a beautiful atmosphere.