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Industrial style fluorescent lamp-military green-4 feet/2 feet

Industrial style fluorescent lamp-military green-4 feet/2 feet

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Comes with T8 light tube

Earth tones, loved by outdoor style and military fans, have become popular colors in recent years.

The camouflage-like green is suitable for interpreting the green space atmosphere and green noble modern style.

Or the space of classic retro military old parts can play a very good decorative effect.


About industrial style fluorescent lamps

Industrial style classic shape, marine style products, suitable for use in various places.

Ceiling and stainless steel chain hanging dual-purpose design, multiple colors, matching different design styles.

Easy to install, easy to replace T8 LED tube, wide-angle 140-degree lighting.

Made in Taiwan, CE certified, IP56 waterproof, German Bayer acrylic, exported to Europe, America and Japan.

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- 關於工業風日光燈 -

安裝簡單、簡易替換T8 LED燈管、廣角140度照明。