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FOLDING CONTAINER Bask Folding storage basket - S / L / XL

FOLDING CONTAINER Bask Folding storage basket - S / L / XL

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本站之燈具未附帶燈泡 (*如有附帶燈泡之產品 將特別註明)

Product desciption

This versatile and colorful storage basket is suitable for home, outdoor and other occasions. It is made of polypropylene material that is lightweight and has excellent durability and heat resistance.

The lattice-like ventilation/drainage shapes around and at the bottom not only enhance the visual hierarchy, but are also suitable for storing items sensitive to temperature and humidity.

The stacked and modular design can be mixed and combined with storage baskets of other sizes in the series. It has versatile functions and is conducive to saving space. The lattice design on the side of the basket body allows labels to be placed to mark the contents, making it easy to find the items you need during storage. It saves you the trouble of rummaging through boxes and cabinets, and it can be placed in the trunk of your car after storage, taking up no space and making it convenient to use at any time.

Whether at home, in the office, or outdoors, you can meet all kinds of storage and display needs as you wish, creating exclusive life aesthetics.

<Specification Information-S>

Price: NTD$ 350
Expanded size (outer diameter): 30 * 20 * 12.2 CM
Expanded size (inner diameter): 28 * 17.7 * 12 CM
Storage size: 30 * 20 * 4 CM
Capacity: 5L
Color: blue (SLW161) / black (SLW156) / sand (SLW157) / olive green (SLW158)
Weight: 350G
Basket load-bearing: 5KG
Top load-bearing: 60KG
Material: PP polypropylene Origin: China

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

<Specification Information-L>

Price: NTD$ 490

Color: blue (SLW167) / black (SLW162) / sand (SLW163) / olive green (SLW164)

Expanded size (outer diameter): 39.8 × 29.8 × 17.5 CM

Expanded size (inner diameter): 37.8 × 27.8 × 17 CM

Storage size: 39.8 × 29.8 × 4.8 CM

Capacity: 17L

Weight: 670G

Basket load-bearing: 5KG

Top load-bearing: 50KG

Material: PP polypropylene

made in China

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

<Specification Information-XL>

Price: NTD$ 1380

Color: black (SLW291) / sand (SLW292) / olive green (SLW293) / blue (SLW294)

Expanded size (outer diameter): 59.3 × 39.5 × 22.5 CM

Expanded size (inner diameter): 56 × 36 × 20 CM

Storage size: 59.3 × 39.5 × 5.5 CM

Capacity: 40L

Weight: 2.09 KG

Basket load-bearing: 22KG

Top load-bearing: 100KG

Material: PP polypropylene

made in China


Cover for folding storage basket (2 pieces)

The special handle cover is specially developed for the folding storage basket (size S). The eight-claw latch design can be tightly connected to the basket and can be carried around in various occasions such as outdoor and work.

After the upper cover is installed, the storage basket can still maintain the stacking function, improving the loading performance without taking up extra space.

- Cover for folding storage basket (2 pieces) -
Price: NTD$ 150
Size: 30*20*0.9CM
Color: black (SLW317)
Weight: 60G
Material: PP polypropylene Origin: China

1. This product can be mixed and stacked with storage boxes of the same series (2 L-size boxes can be placed on top of the XL box, and 2 S-size boxes can be stacked on top of the L-size box)
2. This product is an industrial product. The plastic manufacturing process may cause some mold marks, scratches or wear. These are normal phenomena and are not defects.
3. The image of this product is screen printed. If there are some uneven printing, color halo, etc., this is within the normal scope of manual screen printing and is not a defect.
4. The storage box product does not include a special handle cover, please purchase it separately if needed.
5. The special handle upper covers come in a set of 2 and are not sold separately.

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