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FOLDING MINI STOOL Dump outdoor folding low stool

FOLDING MINI STOOL Dump outdoor folding low stool

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本站之燈具未附帶燈泡 (*如有附帶燈泡之產品 將特別註明)

Product desciption
    • Versatile appearance: American retro industrial style appearance, versatile colors, unobtrusive home and outdoor storage and display.
    • Easy to store/carry: Foldable design, can be placed in the trunk of a car or in the corner of a room, it is lightweight and does not take up space.
    • Carryable handle design: It is convenient to carry and use at any time in various outdoor occasions such as camping, sports, and beaches.

    <Specification information>

    Price: NTD$ 590
    Color: blue (SLW304) / black (SLW305) / sand (SLW306) / olive green (SLW307) / gray (SLW308)
    Expanded size: approximately 33.7 × 27.9 × 21.7 CM
    Storage size: approximately 33.7 × 5.3 × 32.5 CM
    Weight: about 1.25 KG
    Material: PP polypropylene/TPR thermoplastic rubber/calcium carbonate
    Activity weight: about 125 KG
    Resting weight: about 180 KG
    made in China

    ※ This product is made of industrial supplies. There may be some mold marks, scratches or wear on some parts caused by the plastic manufacturing process. These are normal phenomena and are not defects. Perfectionists please do not place an order.
    <Notes on other products>

    1. Due to the relationship between photography and the color temperature of monitors such as computers and mobile devices, the color of the product may be slightly different. The actual color of the product depends on the product itself.
    2. The product scene photos are for use. Only the main body of the product does not include other accessories. Please focus on the specifications and contents.
    3. Due to slightly different personal measurement methods and positions, the dimensions are all horizontal manual measurements. There will be a slight deviation from the actual product size due to factors such as the elasticity of the fabric and the starting point of measurement. The error size of ±2cm is the acceptable range of international inspection standards. Not a defect.
    4. Before shipment, the company will randomly inspect the goods and strengthen internal protection to avoid damage during transportation. When the packaging is unpacked, it does not mean that the goods have been used. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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