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Morandi Moon White-lever series

Morandi Moon White-lever series

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Lever color
Plaque style
Just like the bright and pure moon white, the frosted high-end texture makes "white" more stylish.

product specifications

1. Product UL number E217512
2. The applicable voltage of the product is 125V/15A, 150V/10A, mainly based on the parts marking.
3. The switch has a double-cut function and you can choose the installation method by yourself.
4. Single connection 12*7.5cm, double connection 12.0*11.5cm.

  • Just like the pure white color of the bright moon, the frosted high-end texture makes "white" more stylish.
  • Size: 12cm long*7cm wide (1P rectangle), 12cm long*11.5cm wide (2P square)
  • Aluminum boxes can be purchased in original colors, black, and gold.
  • Japanese parts are all original Panasonic (CNS certified), while American parts (UL certified) and levers (UL certified) are all supplied by Taiwanese manufacturers.
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About the lever

Three levers are matched with the panel to create a unique style for the space.

style plaque

The three plaques can be matched as desired to add details to the space.