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Morandi Hehuang-Glatima, Risna series

Morandi Hehuang-Glatima, Risna series

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The Morandi yellow panel, combined with Panasonic push-button parts and small light auxiliary tools, makes the switch easier to use, and all series of parts can be installed and matched.

product specifications

1. Product RoHS number R41012
2. The applicable voltage of the product is 110-220V, mainly marked on the parts.
3. All switches have double switching function
4. Single connection 12*7.5cm, double connection 11.5*11.5cm

Installation Precautions

1. Please read the instructions carefully before installation and cut off the main power supply.
2. If you have no experience in plumbing, please entrust a professional plumber to handle the problem for safety reasons.
3. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us

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About the RISNA / GLATIMA switch

All use international brand original parts, and the panels are carefully processed.


The appearance of the 2 models is as shown below, both are rebound switches.

International brand Panasonic parts

Modular parts. Match according to your needs

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