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Ocean Sustainable Panel-Japanese#Iron Gray

Ocean Sustainable Panel-Japanese#Iron Gray

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本站之燈具未附帶燈泡 (*如有附帶燈泡之產品 將特別註明)

switch socket

Electric fire follows the spirit of the ocean, taking it from the ocean and giving back to the ocean.

Based on the concept of energy saving, warning slogans are printed on the panels to remind people to use energy sparingly and always remember to turn off the power. In addition to keeping electrical appliances safe, it can also save polar bears, save the ocean, and care for the earth.

We provide panels for sale separately, which can replace the existing panasonic switch sockets in the home. The color of the panel is no longer monotonous and blends into the environment. The added text can allow users to identify with the owner's environmental protection concept, which is also suitable for commercial spaces. Has a bonus effect.

★If you need a customized switch and socket combination, please contact customer service LINE: @dnhloft

Patented module design

The socket is modularized, making it easy and convenient to replace the module.
Various specifications of sockets, power switches, network cables, USB, HDMI, TV CABLE and other connectors are integrated and modularized.
The easy-to-install patented design allows you to design your home as you wish.

product specifications

1. Product RoHS number R41012
2. The applicable voltage of the product is 110-220V, mainly marked on the parts.
3. The switch has single-cut and double-cut functions.
4. Single connection 12*7.5cm

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