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PUMP SPRAY TANK GRIPS military style portable spray bottle 80ml

PUMP SPRAY TANK GRIPS military style portable spray bottle 80ml

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本站之燈具未附帶燈泡 (*如有附帶燈泡之產品 將特別註明)

Product desciption
      • Military style appearance: The shape is based on fuel barrels commonly used in military and outdoor applications.
      • HDPE polyethylene material: It has good oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. It can carry alcohol, disinfectant, mosquito repellent, lotion, cooling spray and other portable needs safely.
      • 80ml large capacity: 80ml large capacity, no need to refill the contents every day.
      • Mountaineering buckle design: Outdoor style mountaineering buckle design, can be hung on bags, pants or outdoor props, making it easy to carry.

      <Specification information>

      Price: NTD$ 220
      Color: Sand (SLW249) / Olive Green (SLW250) / Gray (SLW251)
      Size: approx. 5.8 × 3 × 10.2 CM
      Capacity: about 80 ml
      Material: HDPE Polyethylene Origin: China

      ※ This product does not include alcohol, disinfectant and other contents.
      ※ Do not load alcohol with a concentration exceeding 80%.
      ※ Please do not store the product in a high temperature place. (limited to below 90℃)
      ※ Do not load high concentration/high viscosity liquid or liquid mixed with particles to avoid clogging the nozzle.

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