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Traceless panel

Traceless panel

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本站之燈具未附帶燈泡 (*如有附帶燈泡之產品 將特別註明)

  • Perfectly integrated into various backgrounds, the switch can be invisible in the environment, adding to the joy of life.
  • Can be matched with wall conditions such as wallpaper, paint, and paint.
  • Exclusive patented technology, made in Taiwan.
  • Size: 12cm long*7cm wide (1P rectangle).
  • Japanese parts are all original Panasonic (CNS certified), while American parts (UL certified) and levers (UL certified) are all supplied by Taiwanese manufacturers.

product specifications

1. Product UL number E217512
2. The applicable voltage of the product is 110-220V, 10-15A,
Mainly parts marking.
3. The switch has a double-cut function and you can choose the installation method by yourself.
4. Single connection 12*7.5cm, double connection 12.0*11.5cm.

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